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lundi 26 mars 2012

Al-Qaeda’s French-Algerian “mujahidin” Mohamed Merah killed 7 persons in South-Western France

Cet article est la version actualisée de celui publié par Ami Magazine.

On March 19, 2012, at about 8:00, a man who drove a Yamaha scooter shot at Jews in front of the Ozar Hatorah highschool, in Toulouse, a south-western French city.

He killed Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, 30, and his two sons, Arye, 5, and Gabriel, 4.

He then entered into the school. As he had a problem with his gun, he used a second more efficient gun. He caught by her hair Miriam Monsonego, school principal Yaacov Monsonego’s daughter, aged 7, and shot her dead. He seriously shot Bryan Aaron Bijaoui, 15, who was trying to protect and save Miriam. The Jewish teen has been hospitalized.

The killer left driving his Yamaha scooter. He behaved in a calm and determined way and filmed the killings with a camera attached to a chest harness.

More than 200 Jewish pupils go to the Toulouse Ozar Hatorah high school, which is located in a calm area of Toulouse, and has two security cameras. CRIF-Toulouse President Nicole Yardeni saw the videos of the attack ; “It was like a horror film”, she said.

“The situation has changed in France. There is a growing anti-Semitism in France”, Ozar Hatorah-France President Jean-Paul Amoyelle deplored. About 4,500 pupils go to Ozar Hatorah nurseries, schools and high schools.

A Jewish pupil’s mother criticized recent easing of security measures concerning that Jewish school.

France-born Rabbi Jonathan Sandler is the son of the President of the Versailles Jewish community, Samuel M. Sandler. An Ozar Hatorah alumni, he left Jerusalem last September for a 2-year mission as a teacher of Hebrew and Judaism (kodech) in that Jewish high school. Rabbi Sandler is survived by his wife Eva and his daughter, Liora, 18 months.

President Nicolas Sarkozy, Minister of Interior and Claude Guéant, French Jewish officials, socialist François Hollande, Centrist François Bayrou and other politicians went to the Ozar Hatorah high school. They all condemned the attack.

President of CRIF (umbrella of Jewish organizations) Richard Prasquier insisted on the anti-Semitic characteristic of the attack and called for reinforcing the security of Jewish establishments.

President Sarkozy ordered “exceptional measures of protection” in the area of Toulouse “as long as the murderer is not arrested”, for instance and for the first time he launched the scarlet Vigipirate Plan. Synagogues and mosques as well as religious schools will be particularly protected by police.

President Sarkozy also announced that a minute of silence would be observed in all French high-schools on March 20.

The day of the tragedy, Guéant, Bayrou and Great Rabbi of France Gilles Bernheim attended a ceremony of prayers at a Toulouse synagogue. They participated in a march in Toulouse.

The Ozar Hatorah high school’s synagogue hosted a ceremony  in the memory of the four victims.

The French Catholic Church expressed its indignation; at 5:45 p.m. people collected their thoughts in silence at the Notre-Dame de Paris.

President of CFCM -- umbrella of Muslim organisations -- Mohammed Moussaoui expressed his solidarity with the Jewish community.

Guéant said that the police noticed both the same gun and the same modus operandi in the attack against the Ozar Hatorah high-school as well as in the killing of three French soldiers – Muslim Imad Ibn Ziaten, 30, and Mohamed Legouad, 24, Berber-descent Catholic Abel Chennouf, 25 -- and the wounding of a Catholic French soldier, Christian Loïc Liber, 28, in Toulouse and Montauban, respectively on March 11 and 15, 2012.

The police wondered whether the murderer was a serial killer, a Far-Right soldier or an Islamist. “The police has collaborated with two expert profilers, and a psychologist. A huge police plan was applied: one helicopter, 5 mobile units which represent 380 policemen, 120 Judiciary Police investigators. Guéant activated Secret services and anti-terrorism service“, Dominique Lunel told me. She acts as an interface between the government and the Jewish community.

On March 19, at 7:00 p.m., the Jewish Consistoire organized a ceremony in the famous Parisian Nazareth synagogue.

President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy as well as members of the government, Hollande, Ecologist Eva Joly and Cécile Duflot -- both women were shouted down because of their anti-Israeli stances -- and many politicians attended that ceremony. Psaulms were read.

Great Rabbi Alain Goldman said that he knew well the Monsonego and Sandler families, and evoked the Copernic attack (1980) and the Rue des Rosiers attack (1982).

President Joel Mergui expressed his sadness.

The ceremony ended by the Jewish Prayer for the French Republic which was modified by Great Rabbi Bernheim on Februray 2012 to include French soldiers who fight for France and its values all around the world.

The Union of French Jewish Students (UEJF) organized a silent march. Several non-Jewish organizations participated in that march, which started at 8:00 p.m. from the Place of the Republic to the Place of the Bastille (Paris). That silent march gathered 20,000 people, among them politicians. Front of Left Leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon was shortly shouted down because of his pro-Palestinian bias.

President Sarkozy suspended his presidential campaign until March 21, when he attended a ceremony in the memory of the three murdered soldiers. His socialist challenger Hollande suspended his agenda. On Monday night, President of Front National Marine Le Pen cancelled her participation in a TV debate while Bayrou focused his meeting on a reflexion about the French society. Some politicians and Left organizations suggested that President Sarkozy’s and his government’s speeches on immigration “trivialized” the racist Far-Right which was suspected for the shooting.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor condemned that attack against Ozar Hatorah high-school, but they didn’t qualify it as anti-Semitic.

“When we think about what happened today in Toulouse, we remember what happened in Norway last year, we know what is happening in Syria, and we see what is happening in Gaza and other places,” European Union Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said in Brussels (Belgium).

Her speech was criticized by the Israeli government and Jewish organizations. Lady Ashton later said she was misunderstood.

On March 20, the police identified the murderer of Montauban and Toulouse shootings: Muslim Mohamed Merah, 24, who had a double citizenship, French and Algerian, and lived in a Toulouse residential area.

On March 21, at about 3:00, Raid, an elite unit police, started Merah’s Toulouse apartment siege.

More and more information about Merah were made public.

Toulouse-born Merah was a multi-recidivist offender. At 19, he was jailed for thefts and other crimes, and radicalized himself in prison. He had trained with Pakistani Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. He also travelled to Pakistan. He was jailed in Kandahar because he had planted bombs in 2007, but succeeded in escaping in a Taliban-led break-out in 2008.

Unemployed Merah said to a Raid officer that he had carried out his attacks “in revenge for the deaths of Palestinian children” and in order to express his opposition to “the French Army’s foreign interventions” and “France’s ban on the Islamic veil” (“anti-burka law”). The police discovered many weapons in a car which had been rented by Merah. They arrested Mohamed Merah’s elder brother, Abdelkader Merah.

Jewish and Muslims officials stressed that they refused to confuse Muslims with jihadists, those shootings with Islam, as well as Islam with Islamism.

On March 21, the four Jewish victims, who had French and Israeli citizenship, were buried in Har Hamenuchot cemetary, on the Mount of Rest, Jerusalem (Israel).

On the morning of March 22, after a 35-hour siege, during an intense fire-fight, Raid killed self-proclaimed Al-Qaeda “mujahidin” Mohamed Merah while he was trying to flee his flat in a residential area of the “rose city”.

Mohamed Merah died in accordance with his desire: as an Islamist jihadist fighting Jews, Infidels, kouffar (or kuffār, plural of kafir ; “unbelievers” or “disbelievers”), and traitor French Muslims -- Paratroopers Chennouf and Legouad belonged to 17th RGP (Régiment de génie parachutiste) which was engaged in military operations in Afghanistan ; Al-Qaeda and salafist djihadists fight against French presence in dar al-Islam --.

Al-Jazeera-France did not broadcast Merah's film of those shootings.

Al-Jazeera-France n' pas diffusé le film de Merah sur ces tueries.

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